13mm numeric tube manufactured by National Electronics

The NL-950S is a clear glass numeric tube manufactured by National Electronics. It has a very slim and small envelope. Its a long-life model and specifically constructed for multiplex operation. The wires are pre-cut for use with a socket. The NL-950 is the same, but with long wires
Brand/ManfacturerNational Electronics
Same Types
Likely Tyes
Symbol height (mm)13
Decimal pointleft,right
Starting Voltage (typ)170 V
Maintaining Voltage (typ)0 V
Current per Segment2.3 mA for digits, 0.1mA for decimal pointsmA
Reccomend Resistor10kOhm (digits), 100kOhm(DP) @ 170V, 18kOhm (digits), 180kOhm(DP) @ 200V, 33kOhm (digits), 330kOhm(DP) @ 300V, according to datasheet


Images of the digits will follow