Unknown (GN-1)

25.5mm numeric tube manufactured by STC

This is a medium sized nixie tube of unknown model and manufacturer. Its a very old looking tube, and has maybe hand made or early machine-formed digits. It looks similar to the GN-1 manurfactured by STC. There where different versions of the GN-1, so my best guess is that this tube is a GN-1! Some of the digits are near the end of their life. UPDATE 11/JAN/2020 : I got a message about this tube, and it looks this is a GN-1 that is missing the usual black shrink tube which likely has fallen off over the years.
Same Types
Likely Tyes
Symbol height (mm)25.5
Decimal pointnone
Starting Voltage (typ)tested at 200V, 10kOhm V
Maintaining Voltage (typ)0 V
Current per SegmentmA
Reccomend Resistor