7.75mm numeric tube manufactured by Burroughs

The B4998 is a very small numeric nixie tube manufactured by Burroughs. It is the smallest known numeric endview nixie tube, there is only a symbol tube from Burroughs which has a smaller height than this tube! This tube feels almost weightless and very fragile!
Brand / Manfacturer Burroughs
Same Types
Likely Tyes
Symbol height in mm 7.75
Characters / Symbols 0-9
Decimal point none
Base / Socket unknown
Starting Voltage (typ) 170 V
Maintaining Voltage (typ) 0 V
Current per Segment 2mA
Reccomend Resistor 15kOhm @ 170V, 75kOhm @ 250V, 110kOhm @ 300V according to datasheet