14mm numeric tube manufactured by Valvo

The ZM1000 is a clear class numerical nixie tube manufactured by VALVO, it has the rather uncommon "Eurogrid" base. This tube has a unique look by its fine meshed anode grid, and its perfect for medium sized nixie projects, but be advised that implementing a backlight could be very hard due its special base. This tube not easy to find but also not very rare. There is a matching special character tube, the ZM1001, and also a red coated version the ZM????.
Brand / Manfacturer Valvo
Same Types
Likely Tyes
Symbol height in mm 14
Characters / Symbols 0-9
Decimal point left,right
Base / Socket Eurogrid
Starting Voltage (typ) 170 V
Maintaining Voltage (typ) 140 V
Current per Segment 2.5mA
Reccomend Resistor 12kOhm = 2.5mA